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A minute of silence at the Vassil Levski monument in downtown Sofia on Tuesday marked the 129th anniversary of the death of the national hero who died for Bulgarias freedom in the 19th century. Lyulin Stamenov/Sofia Echo

American Woman Tried To Escape Slavery In Zajas Village.


Zajas village, Kichevo Region, Western Macedonia.
Forty years old American woman of Albanian origin married a man from Zajas village in Kichevo area eight years ago, but not being able to endure domestic prison, she jumped last Monday and got severely hurt herself during the attempt to escape.
An American woman (40) jumped from the fourth floor of her family house, trying to escape domestic prison, imposed by her husband in Zajas village (Kichevo area). The story of the runaway woman, whose name is not mentioned in this article out of understandable reasons, started eight years ago, when she decided to marry an Albanian man and to leave America for life in this famous village in Kichevo area. She is of Albanian descent, that is to say her father is an Albanian, while her mother is American.
As she herself said, she brought the decision to depart for Zajas village, hoping for a happy and idyllic life there. But, instead of that, she got imposed by an infernal subsistence. She could move as far as the backyard, fenced with large gate. Her sole obligations included bearing children and housework. During the eight years she lived in the village, she gave birth to four children.
Not being able to endure the continuous torture, the American woman tried to run away several times. Unfortunately, she failed to save herself from imposed domestic slavery.
Most recently, she tried to escape by jumping from the fourth floor of the house. Severely injured, she managed to drag herself to the road. Some passers-by noticed her, stopped the car and took her to the hospital in Kichevo. There, the lady told the touching story, fearing that her husband might show up and take her back to Zajas.
Because of her serious injuries, she was taken from the hospital in Kichevo to Skopje Clinical Center, where she was operated.
When members of her family appeared in the clinics she said that she gained the injuries out of carelessness, that is to say, she fell from the elevator in the local hotel.
The staff of the American Embassy in Skopje became interested in this case. Officials from consular section of the embassy paid a visit to the injured woman whom they doubted as one of the missing USA citizens. She asked for protection and possibility to return to America as soon as her medical treatment was over.
The transport to America was allegedly organized but all the plans went up in smokes. On the day of scheduled release from hospital (Feb 18, 2002), about twenty of her relatives gathered at the Clinical Centers entrance. They threatened her not to talk or make a public fuss about the matter in front of other patients or medical staff, otherwise shes doomed. After that the American woman agreed to go back to the village. Her decision could not be affected by American Embassy officials, who shrugged and left the hospital astonished.

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