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Kings Meet In Bulgaria. Former King and current Premier of Bulgaria Simeon Sax Kobourg (R) and Romanian King Michael I (L) pose for photographers in the Tsarska Bistritsa residence in Bulgarias Borovets, January 13. cEPA


Prime Minister Simeon Saxe-Coburg and his wife welcome the Romanian royal couple King Mihai I and Queen Ana (left) at the Tsarska Bistritsa Palace in Borovets on Sunday. Photo: Lyulin Stamenov/Sofia Echo

Traffic On Road Tetovo-Jazince Blocked.


Tetovo, January 13 (MIA) - Spokesman of the Government Coordinate Body for Crisis Management Zoran Tanevski informed that traffic on road Tetovo-Jazince was blocked by Macedonians from Vratnica and other Tetovo villages around 11,00h today. Traffic on road Tetovo-Jazince was blocked at several places by individuals of Albanian nationality for several days, thus prohibiting the police patrols in all villages along this road, as well as travelling of Macedonians from this region.

According to Tanevski, there were gunshots in direction of police point at crossroad on boulevard "Vidoe Smilevski-Bato" and street "Miladinovci Brothers" in Tetovo at 23,45h and 10 minutes later last evening. Macedonian security forces did not respond to the provocations.

ANA Threatens Again.


Skopje, January 13 (MIA)Chief of Staff of the Albanian Nationalist Army (ANA) had a meeting yesterday, at which it concluded to "intensify the preparations for adequate response on the possible offensive of the repressive Slav Macedonian apparatus against the Albanians", announcement of the self-proclaimed ANA said.

According to this announcement, "the decision has been brought after the anti-Albanian circles in the Government in Skopje put into use all their potentials for the destruction of Albanians."

"We are forced to act according to our interests, defense of our homes, defense of our families. The Chief of Staff reiterates the already familiar positions that the Ohrid agreement was just a knife in the back of Albanians," announcement said, and continued that this solution was brought because there are "numerous facts that confirm that Macedonians are preparing for massacres on Albanians."

According to the self-proclaimed Chief of Staff of ANA, these are "the legitimacy of para-military units in state ones, their blessing by top officials of the Orthodox Church, buying of new weapons from the Ukraine, Russia and Croatia, as well as Greek, Russian and Serbian military advisers in all military and political offices in Skopje."

The announcement also stated that the information about reorganization of the former National Liberation Army (NLA) were not valid, because "the former NLA belongs to history." "A large number of former NLA commanders and fighters, who do not believe the fairytales of Trajkovski about the amnesty, are now members of ANA and are determined to provide Albanians in Macedonia what they have always been negated of." announcement of ANA said.




Traditional carnival started in Vevcani on Sunday. This carnival is different from other world carnivals by its characteristics, secrecy, archaic manner and sense of improvisation.

The Vevcani carnival, which will last until Monday, is held under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture.

Minister of Culture Ganka Samoilovksa-Cvetanova was present in village Vevcani, which transforms into a kind of theatre during the carnival happenings, because every street is a stage, where masked persons perform their dances.

Masks related to the actual happenings in the country and in the world are expected to take part on the carnival and many visitors from the surrounding places and from the other towns in the country are expected to come, "Dnevnik" reads. Most of the masks (except the traditional ones) were kept in secrecy until the last moment.

The carnival will begin on Sunday at 14.00h with a parade of the Vasilica groups. The two groups will first pass through the streets of Vevcani and than starting from Gorno and Dolno Maalo will visit all the households in order to felicitate the New Year to the hosts-explains Vasil Radinovski, Mayor of Vevcani municipality. Vevcani carnival lasts all night long. Early in the morning, once the visits to the households are over, all people will direct towards the famous Vevcani springs in order to fill water for home, because they believe that this water is for good health. Than the participants of the carnival will rest themselves till 09.00h when usually they go to the houses where the name day Vasilica is being celebrated to congratulate to the ones who bear that name.

Around 13.00h everybody will gather in the centre of Vevcani and here the nation-wide festivity takes place. They will take off the masks and will burn them, as it is believed that in that manner the evil will disappear. The traditional masks of the carnival include the bride, the groom and the brothers. Vevcani people say that their carnival is old as Vevcani itself, i.e. around 1.400 years.

"These are not baptized days, so it is assumed that many evil spirits wander around. The aim of the brothers is to protect the bride and the groom, who symbolize the fertility. The main weaponry is the mask, which should be very scary," Ilija Kalanovski the author of "Vevcani Carnival" explains.

Starting from 1993, Vevcani with its carnival is a member of the Worlds Association of Carnival cities.

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